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Posted by Rochelle Visser on January 17, 2013 at 9:30 AM

We often get asked "what made you want to start a subbing business?"  It's not because we like waking people up at 6am to tell them to hurry up and get to work.  We saw a need, and are now filling it.

When we graduated from FSU in 2008 there were no jobs, at least not anywhere near full-time, to come by for new hygienists in Michigan.  The only hope was to pass out 100 resumes all over town and hope and pray someone would call.  Eventually they did call, but how many times was it on the ONE day that I had plans I couldn't break, or I'd miss the call because I was in the shower and then be too late to get the work.  So me and my college room-mate from hygiene school moved south to Virginia to get some job experience.

On the flip side:  When I'm working in an office and I need a day off, or a fellow RDH gets sick and we need a replacement, the only place we had to turn to was the black-hole file of well-meaning hygienists who dropped off their resume in the last year.  So began the drudgery of going through the sub list.  Once in a while we'd jack-pot and get a good girl after only 5 or 6 calls, but more often than not it was "the one day I had something scheduled I can't miss" or we'd hear "I was in the shower and didn't hear my phone."  As patients are close to walking into the office panic starts to set in.

The obvious solution:  One stop resume dropping for hygienists and one-call subbing for offices.  Brittni claims it was her idea, but it spawned from me being the good-guy and trying to line up needy offices with friends I knew were looking for work.  Why not streamline?

What do we get out of it?  Not much for now, but we're too blessed to want any more.  In the start of Direct Dental the thought was that if we got enough offices calling, I could send myself and have the flexibility to keep the job I love working with kids at summer camp, then just work hygiene in the off-season.  Both of us have a passion for telling people about the real reason to live, forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ, but the electric company and grocery store still like to get we needed some income.  Since the start of DDS in 2011 we've both landed great jobs with flexible dentists who allow us the scheduling shifts we need to work at Camp, Bible Club, Mission Trips, etc...who would have thought?!

 So what's the next step?  Continue providing excellent service to give other hygienists the flexibility we sought, and take a lot of headaches away from dentist and office managers who have better things to do than make 30 calls on a Tuesday morning.  As DDS grows, it gives us more flexibility to do what we really love.  Not that saving the world from periodontal disease isn't important, but kids out there need to know that Jesus loves them!  And He loves you too, if you want to know more about what we do or about how you can be sure you are going to Heaven when you die, just ask...that's really why we are here!

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