Direct Dental Staffing

The comfort of knowing you're covered. 



Grand Rapids:

South West MI:

Metro Detroit:

"Thank you for saving me!  Meagan did a great job- - sweet girl!"

~ Michelle, RDH rescued when we had her covered last minute.


When you need a sub:

   1.  Call (616)272-3939 and tell us the details or leave a message.

   2.  We will call you to confirm and give the sub’s name. 

   3. The RDH/RDA will report hours to Direct Dental

   4.  Direct Dental will send you one statement every two weeks with all dates, names, and hours listed.

                                   You write ONE CHECK to Direct Dental Staffing.

OFFICES:  You do not have to take taxes out or worry about employee paperwork, we are a contracting service. 

RDH's/RDAs: Taxes are not taken out of your paycheck.  Please plan accordingly.  Contact us if you have taxing questions.


We match up hygienists and assistants with offices where they will fit great.  

NO FINDER'S FEE!  Once you decide to hire, let us know.  After 7 more working days we make sure that everyone is happy and settled they're all yours.  

We will be here for help and support and to find you subs if needed!

We know, it's too good to be true...just one more way that working with Direct Dental Staffing give you the comfort of knowing you're covered!